US Rates

My preferences are towards longer dates where intimacy develops slowly and naturally. Make me your dinner companion, let's enjoy an evening in an opera or ballet, and let a flirty conversation lead our date. If discretion is your main concern, room service and a bottle of fine Chardonnay would make our rendezvous delightful. I love a stimulating conversation, an exchange about arts, culture, current events and philosophy. I can teach you some naughty words in Spanish (my vocabulary is quite extensive). And finally, I love to build up an insatiable fervor, starting a witty banter and a get to know each other to make our seduction livelier and unforgettable. Please find below my patronage in the US. Current clients will be grandfathered.  


The Black-Scholes (1hr) $800
Just like the mathematical formula on risk, I invite you to take a chance and hop into a short adventure, you might awaken a secret addiction.

The Pythagoras (1.5hrs) $1000
Catch a trip with a Greek scientist. It’ll be a 90° tryst

The L'Hôpital's (2hrs) $1300
From Calculus a rule of limits that requires two to tango, come and solve this equation of seduction. (Recommended to get to know each other better)

The Siméon D. Poisson (3hrs) $1700
A cheeky kiss, an Eskimo kiss or a French kiss? Let a French mathematician teach the ways.

The Albert W. Tucker (4hrs) $2000
From the Prisoner's Dilemma, let’s become slaves of our inner urgencies and make it a game of four parts. Appetizer, Entrée, Dessert and Fun. (Recommended min for dinner dates)

The Fubini (6hrs) $3000
A theorem of mathematical analysis to solve double integrals, add some decadence and let's make trouble doubled. (Min recommended for theater dates)


A true once in a lifetime

A Theorem of Bayes (12hrs) $4000
In statistics a probability of an event, in bedroom 0.5 passion surplus | 0.5 mind lust 

The i number (24hrs) $6000
Imagination is infinite. Make it a You & i

The Lemniscate  (72hrs) $10,000
Time has no limit. Whisk me away into a weekend of debauchery and sweet indulgences 

For fly me to you, contact me for more details. I am passport ready and fluent in 3 languages. 

To prevent awkward formalities, please leave the donation in an unsealed envelope in the bathroom at the beginning of our session. If we're in public place it in a book.  Do not count the money in front of me or try to haggle.  I will only accept USD cash.

I offer Greek trips and kinky dates with $100 extra, 1.5hrs minimum and at least 24hrs notice. Fee is waived on 4hrs dates and on.

Duos are offered with my roommate Jade Wang (NYC) or Natalia Nova (NYC/LA), Eva Lai (NYC/LA), Victoria Rose (NYC/LA), Ivy Spring (LA), Sarah Miehn (Seoul/Worldwide). A 1.5hrs min is required and donation is her rate + my rate.