US Donations

To prevent awkward formalities, please leave the donation in plain sight at the beginning of the meeting. If we're in public place it in a book or gift bag. Only USD cash is accepted.

Li-Mei NYC

Swan Lake (1hr) .......... $1000
A swan at day, a lady at night; care to discover who am I when the sun sets? Let's orchestrate a Pas de Deux and let me show you my Odile

Giselle (1.5hrs)  .......... $1200
With my mind stilled and restless feet, there remains a love for beauty which I can't satisfy during the day. My eyes, dark as the night, have the scent of youth - they smile so hideous, they call you so seductively

La Bayadere (2hrs) .......... $1500
There, in the arch of my back, there is a lush of grace whenever I plié. In my ethereal arms it hovers hungry passion of a fleeting first encounter. Will that be us? (Recommended min for 1st dates)

Anna Karenina (3hrs) .......... $2000
When he met her, he hurled into a scorching, spiraling frenzy of desire.  When she met him, temptation travelled through her veins burning with rawness and lust. Call me Anna and you'll be Vronsky

La fille mal gardée (4hrs) .......... $2500
Sweeter than chocolate and more intoxicating than a glass of red wine, some moments in life are to be savored  like a lingering kiss, or a thousand more (Recommended min for dinner dates)

Romeo &  Juliet (6hrs) .......... $3500
What’s in my name? that which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet as Li-Mei

Li-Mei NYC

Where passion unfolds

The sleeping beauty (15hrs) .......... $5000
Curtains down - a silence reigning across the room. A beauty unfolding like a pretty rose by your side. Break the spell of delight all the way with true love’s kiss. Or shall be me who wakes you up with a sweet touch in your lips?

Alice in Wonderland (24hrs) ..........  $6000
You have peered through the looking glass, and here I stand like the Queen of hearts. Off with their heads the folklore said, off with your heart I shall run. Is a day even enough?

Nutcracker (48hrs) ..........  $8000
Sugar and spice and all things so nice, perhaps a day too short so let's make it twice

Cinderella (72hrs) ..........  $10,000
From dusk to dawn and town to town, whisk me away on a weekend of debauchery and sweet indulgences

My life is filled with countless projects outside this industry and my time to provide companionship is limited. I prefer to keep a small circle of friends for discretion and privacy concerns, and to better utilize my time. Therefore, I also offer special packages to generous sponsors.

VIP Package $12,000+/month

- Special rates: 1200/2hr, 1500/3hr, 1800/4hr, 2500/6hr, 3000/12hr, 5000/24hr, +1k/day after
- Access to exclusives selfies and traveling pictures
- Private editorial/boudoir photoshoots from Playboy/Maxim published photographers
- Frequent communication outside of dates

- Full sponsorship upfront
- And be ready to have a great time!

Fly me to you

I am passport ready and can speak 3 languages. Contact me if you would like me to join in a different city or country. Business or First class transportation is greatly appreciated, and lodging costs must be covered. 6hrs+ minimum booking is required for domestic trips and 12hrs+ for international ones. 50% deposit must be placed to confirm the date.