International Rates

By contacting me you agree that donations are solely exchanged for time spent providing companionship and lawful entertainment.  Anything else that may occur is a personal choice between consenting adults. My donations have been named after famous mathematicians for entertainment purposes, nothing else is implied. This is not an offer or solicitation for prostitution. Your gift is greatly appreciated, and my rates are non-negotiable.


The Black-Scholes (1hr)  800 AUD | 4500 HKD | 700 SGD
Just like the mathematical formula on risk, I invite you to take a chance and hop into a short adventure, you might awaken a secret addiction.

The Pythagoras (1.5hrs)  1000 AUD | 6000 HKD | 1000 SGD
Catch a trip with a Greek scientist. It’ll be a 90° tryst

The L'Hôpital's (2hrs)  1300 AUD | 8000 HKD | 1200 SGD
From Calculus a rule of limits that requires two to tango, come and solve this equation of seduction. (Recommended to get to know each other better)

The Siméon D. Poisson (3hrs)  1700 AUD | 12000 HKD | 1600 SGD
A cheeky kiss, an Eskimo kiss or a French kiss? Let a French mathematician teach your ways.

The Albert W. Tucker (4hrs)  2000 AUD | 15000 HKD | 2000 SGD
From the Prisoner's Dilemma, let’s become slaves of our inner urgencies and make it a game of four parts. Appetizer, Entrée, Dessert and Fun. (Recommended min for dinner dates)

The Fubini (6hrs) $3000   3000 AUD | 20000 HKD | 3000 SGD
A theorem of mathematical analysis to solve double integrals, add some decadence and let's make trouble doubled. (Min recommended for theater dates)


A true once in a lifetime

A Theorem of Bayes (12hrs)   4000 AUD | 25000 HKD | 4000 SGD
In statistics a probability of an event, in bedroom 0.5 passion surplus | 0.5 mind lust 

The i number (24hrs)  6000 AUD | 35000 HKD | 6000 SGD
Imagination is infinite. Make it a You & i

The Lemniscate  (72hrs)  10000 AUD | 50000 HKD | 10000 SGD
Time has no limit. Whisk me away into a weekend of debauchery and sweet indulgences

To prevent awkward formalities, please leave the donation in an unsealed envelope in the bathroom at the beginning of our session. If we're in public place it in a book or gift bag.  Do not count the money in front of me or try to haggle.  I only accept cash.