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| Jetsetter · Dancer · Model | Luxury Companion based in NYC |


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My stroll, my voice are delightfully ambiguous - I am both an experienced and formidable lady with an innocent gaze.


What's in my name?       


Your quintessential cosmopolitan woman, a dancer brimming with curiosity and passion.

I am 丽 "Lì" as of Beautiful

I am 瑰 "Méi" as of Rose




My Philosophy


What is life if it’s not an endless pursuit of knowledge and passions. Intelligence, although loosely used by “anaemic philosophers”, is rooted in fervor for stimulation.

And this is Li-Mei. 

A lover of traveling, an inquisitive mind, a young lady in a perpetual journey towards beauty, sensuality, fascination, and perhaps, wisdom. 

There are 4 things that I always look forward to:

  • Putting on a leo to go to a Ballet or Jazz class. It fills me with enormous joy when I gracefully slide across the dance floor. A rush of adrenaline runs through my veins whenever I hear a beautiful melody, and I can’t help to start tapping my toes against the beat of a catchy tune. Out of all the moves, testing my balance with several pirouettes is my most prized skill, it's like making magic on one feet. I've always thought dancing mirrored a powerful communication tool where my body was the canvas and expressive movements were the language. Feel like learning a new one?
  • Grabbing my passport and jetting off to an exciting adventure. My Delta app is my favorite of all, I love the thrill of purchasing a ticket to an unfamiliar land by myself, be it 10 hours away or 20 instead. I have a diary full of picturesque views, historical monuments, delicious foreign cuisines and certainly, nudes. But the part I savor the most is meeting new people. I love striking unexpected conversations with similar minds intertwined in different vibes. I believe culture is only experienced through the exchange of lascivious ideas between strangers.
    I was born and grew up between Spain & somewhere in Latin America. If you asked what do I miss the most, I'd say, people. 
  • Learning. If I’m not doing any of the above, you’ll most likely find me trying to master a new spoken language, or a coding language. My field is related to numbers and logic. You could say I embody an alluring combination of left brain linear thinking with a hint of spontaneity, creativity and artistry.
  • And finally, an exquisite Omakase tasting menu. From Japanese "To entrust", indulging in it resembles watching a chef create art, and if you check my social medias, you'll be overflown with beautifully presented sashimi, sushi, and small seafood plates pictures. Oh, and nudes. 


Craving for more?


Spending time together will be like merging different personality traits into one experience. I am naturally bubbly and curious, and I never bring any prejudgement into a new encounter. I openly share and smile - I believe connection isn't always about productivity or goals, it's simply about having a good time together. It's just connection. 

In our modern western view, where most people are fixated with looking good, owning the best and pursuing status, very few actually remember or treasure feeling good. It's that heavenly sensation that resembles going back home after a long day at work, and knowing no surprise emails, calls or problems will come your way the next 72hrs. 

An authentic yet uncomplicated relationship - a good time, is the piece of the puzzle that most of us miss from our life. And that's the type of experience you'll find with me. 


Age: 24
Height: 5'3
Weight: 100lbs
Measurements: 32C-24-34
Hair: Auburn Balayage
Dress size: 0/XS
Shoe size: 6/36.5
Languages: Eng, Spa, Chi

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