+ How is the screening process?

For both our safety and comfort, screening is mandatory. I will not meet anyone without it. You can provide 2 references from independent companions you've seen in the past 12 months, or do it through discreet employment verification. I have a non advertised email and Linkedin account from which I can verify your information. I do not call your workplace unless it's the only and last way.

+ What about privacy concerns?

I take your privacy concerns very seriously. Rest assured I will not share your personal information. If you choose to screen through your employment, your information will be deleted inmediately after finishing it's verification. I will not mention anything in my social media without your permission.

+ Do you require deposits?

Deposits are required at my discretion and depending on the type of information I come across during the screening process. I may ask for a non-refundable $100 deposit for certain tours as well.

+ What if I need to cancel?

I understand things can happen. But as a low volume provider, cancellations cause me great inconvenience. I usually plan in advance and don't take last minute appointments. So when one falls through, I don't replace it immediately. Which means, 50% penalty fee will be required for cancellations made with less that 24 hrs notice.

+ How can I know if you're legit?

There are countless tools to verify the legitimacy of luxury companions like myself. I am one of the most high profile Asian companions in NYC. Ask any experienced lady or gentleman from the NYC scene, and you'll most likely hear my name among them. I have a strong online presence with recent videos, the best editorial and boudoir pictures and selfies that showcase my body in every possible angle. My social medias has enough information to give you a glimpse of my personality. In addition to that, I'm verified by EROS, P411 and the VerifyGuide.

Unfortunately, most of the times, this question is a prelude for "what's your menu". And no, I do not have one. I'm a companion, not a restaurant, or a public establishment that provides impersonal services. Any inquiries about illegal acts will result in the immediate end of our communications.

With the passing of Fosta and Sesta in March 2018, an US congress bill that conflates trafficking with legal companionship, and which has caused the closing of many advertisement mediums, discretion will be paramount from the very first contact.

Despite my concerns about discretion and privacy, I'll still always try my best to make our time together enjoyable. I don't follow any scripts and I curate every rendezvous to individual chemistry. You will always find me with a positive attitude, bubbly and attentive to your needs. You will never see me carry personal problems into our dates or find me in bad mood. If I am overwhelmed by personal issues, I will most likely let you know and offer to postpone our rendez-vous. Your satisfaction is extremely important and I'm always striving to provide the best experience. I take professionalism and integrity very seriously to establishing trust between each other.

+ How do you feel about reviews?

I welcome non-explicit reviews, I love a discreet and classy testimonial. If you feel compelled to, you can drop a note in Scarlet Blue given that you let me know beforehand, and forward me a draft.

Widely known in this community, I am adamantly opposed to review boards and repulsed by their culture. I find their rampant misogynism and hatred quite dehumanazing. Women are regarded as pieces of meat, and discussions about BBFS take place like expectations. A true gentlemen shouldn't engage in such type of online locker room banters. I understand many still use them to verify ladies, and that's totally acceptable, but unfortunately, many use it to coerce ladies into offering services they're not comfortable with, or revenge those who refuse to compromise their safety.

More importanly, Erotic reviews generally do not give an accurate representation of the experience, nor accurate description of physical appereances. They're usually exaggerated, unfair and biased toward personal tastes, and most of the times: fantasy writings that build false expectations.

US Boards have become an extremely toxic environment by setting an unrealistic scoring system. Ladies are expected to check off a list of specific acts to be allowed to receive a 10, the more she compromises, the higher she can score. The highest score (10) requires a very specific act to be perfomed during an appt. This has made gentlemen who genuinely want to make a positive contribution to a companion's reputation, either give up, or exagerate their writings with crass and vulgarity. Boards also reward for each review published, which has encouraged many fake reviews, subsequenly turning the verification tool extremely unreliable.

Above all, erotic reviews make what would be lawful entertainment into illegal services.

+ Why do you blur your face?

Discretion is extremely important to me as I'm sure it is to every client. I would not want anyone to notice my presence in any dining venue or hotel lobby, thus I have blurred part of my face to avoid it. Companionship is only a part time hobby in my life, I have many current projects and long term career goals for which I will eventually move on to completely.

+ Can you send unblurred pictures? You don't have reviews and I like pretty faces?

If you wish to see faces, you should book a provider who shows her face in her website. No amount of reviews will tell you how exactly my face looks like. Everyone has different tastes, and there is no specific universal trait that appears to every human being of this planet. So no, I will not send unblurred pictures under any circumstances.

+ Are you a Sub or Dom?

I've learned to listen to my partners body language from my dancing experience, I will easily notice if he wants to lead or be led, and I will always be ready to respond according to his needs. In fetish dates, I play as a switch with preference towards dominant roles. Submissive roles are only offered to established friends. Consent and communication are extremely important for these type of appointments. You may tell me about your preferences after screening. Some hard limits on me are face slapping, choking, lips biting and anything that can leave permanent marks. I mantain an immaculate presentation due to my frequent photoshoots for both my personal projects and companionship. My skin is generally sensitive and delicate, and I bruise easily so extremely rough play will not be allowed.