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My stroll, my voice are delightfully ambiguous - I am both an experienced and formidable lady with an innocent gaze.


Who am I?       


Your sensuous asian muse, your nightly sin - day escapade

I am 丽 "Lì" as of Beautiful

I am 瑰 "Méi" as of Rose




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My eyes can tell you that I have a burning thirst for knowledge, giving off a glimpse of sensuality and intellectuality. Slanted and shaped like an almond you can see an distinctive Asian heritage. But there is so much more behind my youthful facade. It’s in the swing of my hips, the stride of my steps, and the curve of my lips. It’s the signature of a cosmopolitan woman, the type you pass by on your way to work, the one you might remember from the click of my heels.

If you turned your head around, you would notice the arch of my back, a slim and athletic figure from my years dancing. A graceful posture readying for a pirouette. If my head turned back you’d have seen a flash of the sun of my smile, one of an intellectual, an expert on numbers. And you would have wondered, you would have wished to know, what inner mysteries I hide, what is it that you can't see, can't touch. If you could get closer you’d notice my indubitable witty personality, warm from my Latin upbringing, embellished with my native language: a barely discernible Spanish Accent.

Then you would have thought, go - discover her, show her your moves, and she will have something to teach you too. 

Check my anonymous Q&A social network here, I occasionally answer fun questions, feel free to ask me something too! Just keep in mind I ignore offensive or explicit questions. 


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I was born in Spain, I lived in Madrid until the age of 5, and moved to some exotic place in South America. Yes! I'm a native Spanish speaker but no one would guess it because of my innate ability to learn new languages quickly (and probably because of my fading Chinese/Spanish mix accent).


I come from a beautiful Chinese mother and an extremely smart half Spaniard/Chinese father.


Ballet Dancing, Yoga, Arts, Archery, Philosophy, Behavioral economics, Finance, and perhaps too much shopping (No worries! my lingerie collection is growing as fast as my investment portfolio!).

+Favorite cuisine

Latin and Japanese, specially Omakase, one the first thing I look for when visiting a new city (in addition to local cuisines).

+Favorite drinks

White wines over red, with Chardonnays and Rieslings my favorites. Any cocktails with lime or pineapples. And non alcoholic ones like chrysanthemum tea, oolong, or lemonades.

+Favorite Opera

Lulu by Alba Berg is one I can never get tired of. Others: La Traviata, Simon Boccanegra, Casanova

+Favorite painters

Renoir, Degas, Pollock, Rothko, Basquiat, Mondrian, Klimt, and never been a big fan of Picasso.

+Favorite ballet

Alice in wonderland by The Royal Ballet UK. Others: La Bayadere, Giselle, Swam Lake

+Personality is a few words

INFJ/INTJ. Witty, introspective, pragmatic, adventurous, affectionate

+Traits that I value in men

Loyalty, generosity, eloquence, wittiness, warmth

+Places I have been

San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, DC. Bogota, Buenos Aires, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Hong Kong, GuangZhou, Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai. To visit next: every major cities in Europe.

+Currently reading

Gödel, Escher, Bach & The mistress manual by Mistress Lorelei


Age: 24
Height: 5'3
Weight: 100lbs
Measurements: 30D/32C-24-34
Dress size: 0/XS
Shoe size: 6.5/37
Languages: Spanish, English, Chinese