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| Jetsetter · Ballerina · Lingerie Model |


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My stroll, my voice are delightfully ambiguous - I am both an experienced and formidable lady with an innocent gaze.


What's in my name?       


I am 丽 "Lì" as of Beautiful

I am 瑰 "Méi" as of Rose






A multidimensional woman






Hopeless romantic - With a dirty mind



And a lover of bad ideas


A spectacle, and an exceptional awareness of my own body and what ticks my pleasure’s center. I try to live my life at the fullest, and so to speak, like tomorrow doesn’t exist. I have an all-consuming passion for stimulation, both intellectual and physical. My days are filled with books and a strict fitness routine. And yet, these parts of my body most constantly provoked, having become more sensitive, follow no rationality when it comes to eroticism or human connections.

Some birds are not meant to be caged, their songs are too sweet and wild. So whenever I have the opportunity, I find myself flying around the world spontaneously, and indulging in exotic cuisines and the company of people who make me smile. Will that be you?


A dream come true


Curious facts


I was born and grew up between Madrid and somewhere in Latin America. While I speak English with almost no accent, my first language is actually Spanish.

Fearless and adventurous like my Asian/Spaniard father, I spend my younger years in a private catholic school reading about eroticism while my classmates prayed. I always loved testing limits, and sexuality, being such a prohibited topic, became a subject of intense admiration.


I started taking ballet classes when I was 10, although it was considered late, my natural talent, flexibility and balance helped me succeed as a performer. To these days, and after obtaining a degree from a prestigious institution, dancing is still my biggest passion.


Age: 24
Height: 5'3
Weight: 105lbs
Measurements: 32C-24-34
Dress size: 0/XS
Shoe size: 6/36.5

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