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My stroll, my voice are delightfully ambiguous - I am both an experienced and formidable lady with an innocent gaze.


What's in my name?       


I am 丽 "Lì" as of Beautiful

I am 瑰 "Méi" as of Rose






A multidimensional woman






Hopeless romantic - With a dirty mind



And a lover of bad ideas


You may notice I’m an intellectual on the surface, but everything else about me is nothing but adventitious. I’ve always had an itch for the unconventional, I love challenges, departing from rules and society rigid expectations.

Purity, virtue and being a proper lady were highly valued traits in my younger years. I decided I wanted to skate a razor thin edge towards passion and fervor. Being good wasn’t my cup of tea.

There has always been something carnal about me. I love exploring sensations, feeling, touching, and that electricity that travels down my navel when getting kissed in the back of my neck, or my tights or chest.

I’m physical - I’m raw

 I let myself go when it comes to my most earthly desires. Nothing is logical or rational about my indecent cravings. Flirting, teasing comes naturally.  And I hope I can make you enjoy losing control. 
What made me who I am today? Well, perhaps you  want to hear it in person, or feel it yourself.


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Curious facts


I was born and grew up between Madrid and somewhere in Latin America. While I speak English with almost no accent, my first language is actually Spanish.

Fearless and adventurous like my Asian/Spaniard father, I spend my younger years in a private catholic school reading about eroticism while my classmates prayed. I always loved testing limits, and sexuality, being such a prohibited topic, became a subject of intense admiration.


 I dreamt of becoming a ballerina. But I also dreamt of  becoming a successful business woman and live a life of luxury and indulgences. In the end, I decided to pursue the academia instead of a career in arts. I went onto a rigorous undergrad program while juggling hours in the dance studio trying to perfect my pirouettes. 


Age: 24
Height: 5'3
Weight: 105lbs
Measurements: 32C-24-34
Dress size: 0/XS
Shoe size: 6/36.5

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